Our Roots

Beginning in 2005, Circuitree has been based in Atlee High School in Mechanicsville, Virginia. We were formed from a collaboration between two technology teachers wanting to change STEM education. In the beginning, the team began with a group of ten core students and two mentors.

Today, the team has grown to have 61 members and nine mentors. Over the course of its history, Circuitree has won multiple awards including the Xerox Creativity Award in 2007, the Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen in 2016, the Judge's Award and Entrepreneurship Award in 2018.

The team advanced to the FRC World Competition in Detroit in 2018. In addition, the team was Captain of the alliance competing in the finals in the 2019 Portsmouth competition, earning us our first blue banner.

Circuitree celebrates its successes of the past fourteen years and learns from its mistakes.
We plan to expand the team to include students who may not believe they would be at home in the STEM field, as we believe that anybody has the ability to be an engineer, craftsman, and teammate.